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Xbox Ambassadors at PAX East 2019

Looking back at PAX East 2019

What makes video games so special? Is it the challenge of staying up all night to clear the final boss on a game you’ve been playing for 100+ hours? What about organizing your squad to take on the next big multiplayer title as soon as it releases? For many who consider gaming to be their passion, there is a common thread shared between us: community.

PAX is more than a gaming convention to its attendees. It’s a chance to come together to celebrate our favorite pastime with the friends we’ve made along the way. Whether you’re getting in line to play a game you’ve been anticipating for months, sitting down to try new tabletop games, or attending one of several PAX meet-ups; this convention is all about bringing people together to have fun.

We couldn’t be more excited to be in attendance for PAX East 2019 for these reasons. Read on to hear more about our experience in Boston, MA!

Our story

Ambassador presence in the Diversity Lounge

As Xbox Ambassadors, it is our goal to help make Xbox fun for everyone. We were thrilled to partner with the Diversity Lounge at PAX East to spread this message. Our team had the pleasure of meeting other organizations that share the vision of a future where gaming is for everyone, including TakeThis, GaymerX, I Need Diverse Games, and AbleGamers. We hope to further partner with these groups to bring additional resources to our Ambassadors and uncover other ways our community can become more involved in making Xbox an inclusive, welcoming place for everyone!

“My favorite parts of PAX East: meeting awesome new and existing Ambassadors, learning about the other great organizations in the Diversity Lounge, and playing the demos for Killer Queen Black and Afterparty!” – Taxel


A banner welcomes show attendees to the Diversity Lounge at PAX East.

Ambassador booth

Your Community Managers spent four amazing days spreading the word about our program from our Ambassador booth in the Diversity Lounge. From signing up to be an Ambassador, meeting your Community Manager, signing your gamertag to our autograph board, and collecting Ambassador swag, to taking a souvenir photo with our instant camera, flipping through our book of ‘Ambassadors of the Month’, and even entering to win 3 months of Xbox Game Pass with our social media sweepstakes—there was no shortage of activities to participate in at our booth.

As the days went on, our board filled up with signatures and our piles of Ambassador loot grew smaller. There are too many great things about PAX East to list here, but one thing stands squarely at the top of our list: the opportunity to get to meet our amazing community! We had several great conversations with so many Ambassadors, ranging from simple introductions to discussing feedback about the Xbox Ambassadors program. We even had two long-time friends on Xbox Live meet for the very first time at the event! They took a souvenir photo at our booth to commemorate the occasion and told us a great story of how Xbox brought them together. If you stopped by our booth during your time at PAX East – thank you!

“The best part of PAX East was getting to see so many Ambassadors meet each other for the very first time. The instant camera photo souvenirs were a hit and a perfect way to commemorate new friendships! I can’t wait for the next event so we can meet even more Ambassadors.” – Rezzee

Two men and two women gather behind a table under an Xbox Ambassadors banner behind them.

Microsoft Store Meet & Greet

If you attended PAX West 2018, you will remember our Ambassador Meet & Greet at GameWorks, across the street from the convention center. While that event was a lot of fun and had a great turnout, this time around we wanted something on a smaller scale to allow for more meaningful conversations. We partnered with our friends at the Prudential Center Microsoft Store in Boston to host our PAX East 2019 Meet & Greet! We had fifteen Ambassadors come together to meet the Community Managers and their fellow Ambassadors, sharing stories and exchanging Gamertags throughout the event.

The mood was festive as a lot of us connected for the very first time, sharing stories of our favorite gaming memories, the origins of our Gamertags, and signing GTs on our Ambassador autograph board. ItsMrFig20 even brought along his white Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Ambassadors in attendance to sign! A special moment of the Meet & Greet was taking a step back and just taking in all the things that make our community amazing. Whether that was watching Ambassadors talk about how they are going to reach out and help their communities or organizing a game night with Ambassadors they had just met for the very first time—it filled us with the sense that we all belong here, together. That is without question one of the strongest feelings of community, and our Ambassadors make that possible.

“My favorite experience from PAX East was the Meet & Greet at the Microsoft Store. I was able to meet with Ambassadors I’ve chatted with on a regular basis and get to know Ambassadors I’ve never talked to. Witnessing everyone mingling was the highlight of the day.” – AshesX

A white Xbox One Elite Controller sits on a black board filled with signatures in metallic ink. The controller has golden signatures of event event attendees.


Smile and say “Ambassadors!” In addition to all the great things you could do at our booth this year, we also hosted a photo sweepstakes. To participate, you needed to visit our booth at PAX East and take a photo to show us you stopped by! Once you posted it to Twitter or Instagram with #AmbsPhotoSweepstakes, you were entered for a chance to win three months of Xbox Game Pass!

Congratulations to our winners:

Winners will be notified via DM from the @XboxAmbassadors handle on the platform they were posted on. If you see your name above, keep an eye on your DMs!


“At PAX East, I got to reconnect with the dev teams from Gun Media and Looper to talk about and demo Layers of Fear 2. The game demo gave me chills and is one I’m highlight anticipating for it’s 2019 release. My other memorable moments included shout casting Fortnite live from the Mixer HypeZone to not only the expo floor, but over 4500+ folks watching at home. It was one of those big moments and I’m glad I got the opportunity. I loved meeting the Ambassadors and my cohorts from Mixer too!” – EnolaCat

Your story

We asked you to share your favorite stories and photos from PAX East, and you didn’t disappoint! Read on to check out the experiences of our community at the event.

Stories from our community


All together

We know not everyone had the opportunity to attend PAX East, so we wanted to make sure it was easy to participate in the excitement from home. Whether you were completing missions, entering sweepstakes, or simply following along with the Community Managers on social media, we hope you enjoyed our coverage of PAX East! Do you have suggestions for how you’d like to participate from home for our next event? Please share those ideas with your Community Manager, we’d love to hear them!

PAX East mission

Did you catch our self-reported mission between 3/25 and 3/31? Completing this mission by reading our PAX East blog resulted in 30 sweepstakes tickets being deposited into your Ambassador profile to use on a sweepstakes item of your choice! The blog outlined all our activities at PAX East and detailed how to stay involved with us during the event.

PAX East sweepstakes

The largest piece of feedback we received from our participating at PAX West 2018 was this: Ambassadors who cannot make it to the event should still have a chance to get some Ambassador event swag. We heard you loud and clear! For PAX East, we made ten swag bags available that contained all the Ambassador branded swag you could have picked up if you attended the event! These swag bags contained an Ambassador branded drawstring bag, lanyard, patch, pin, and two wristbands. If you completed the self-reported mission, you had 30 sweepstakes tickets to enter the sweepstakes!

Two bracelets, a patch, lanyard, and pin are laid on top of a bag with an "Xbox Ambassadors" logo.

Followed our adventures on Twitter/Instagram

Our Community Managers made frequent updates to the @XboxAmbassadors Instagram Story, capturing all the happenings at PAX East. If you missed our updates, we saved them as a story highlight which you can view now!

If Instagram isn’t your social platform of choice, we also made frequent posts from the show floor and our Meet & Greet on Twitter. We had a lot of fun chatting not only with Ambassadors who attended the event, but those following along from home on social media! If you’re not already following our Community Managers on Twitter, you can do so here:

Man smiles at the camera while playing a video game.

Until next year

It’s hard to believe that PAX East 2019 is squarely in the rear-view mirror after months of anticipation and excitement!  We want to thank our Xbox Ambassadors who stopped by our booth, attended our Meet & Greet at the Microsoft Store, and/or followed along with us from home. Getting the opportunity to meet you in person, hear your stories, and getting to talk about what makes being an Xbox Ambassador so special to each of you was the highlight of our time in Boston.

Stay tuned for news on where you’ll be able to find your Xbox Ambassadors Team next! In the meantime:


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