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Xbox Ambassadors at E3 2019 – Part One

The Magic Was Strong

As far back as I can remember, June was always a special time for me. June brought many awesome things to look forward to: summer vacation, longer days, and the biggest gaming event of the year – E3. Since I was a kid, it was one of my dreams to get to attend an E3 in person. The bright lights, thunderous audio of the biggest reveals, and contagious excitement from show attendees is something incredible to be a part of.

A photo depicting the Microsoft Theater.
This year, the Xbox Ambassadors community team made the journey to Los Angeles to experience E3 first-hand. We attended the Xbox E3 Briefing, celebrated E3 with local Ambassadors at our Meet & Greet, experienced the best fan event around with Xbox FanFest, and roamed the E3 show floor to check out the latest games! If you couldn’t make to LA, we shared our adventures throughout each event on Instagram.

There are a million words that could be used to describe it, but one stands out the most: magic.

Meet & Greet at Century City Microsoft Store

Our favorite part about gaming events is that it brings everyone together to celebrate our favorite pastime. We partnered with the Microsoft Store at Century City to host a special E3 edition of our Xbox Ambassadors Meet & Greet! We were excited to see over 60 community members show up to meet other Xbox Ambassadors and talk about all things E3.

Continuing the tradition of our past events, we invited everyone to sign our Xbox Ambassadors autograph board! The completed board (pictured below) will be displayed in our stream room. If you were unable to attend, this is something we hope to continue for future events! In addition to the board filled with gamertags, we were also lucky enough to share the space with the first hands-on demo of “Escape” in Gears 5! Many tried their hand at the exciting new mode, but not many teams were able to make it through. A special episode of Inside Xbox was aired on the big screen while we chatted about our favorite parts of the Xbox E3 Briefing that had taken place the day before. Those in attendance also left with a handful of Xbox Ambassadors swag, including lanyards, wristbands, E3 2019 pins, and patches!

As always, the Meet & Greet was a great opportunity to put faces to names, sometimes for the very first time. The event was a lot of fun, and we hope that everyone in attendance enjoyed the time together as much as we did. If you couldn’t make it to LA, we hope to see you at the next one!

Xbox FanFest

A celebration that needs no introduction, Xbox FanFest delivered the coolest fan experience we witnessed at this year’s E3. We know we’re biased but hear us out. Hundreds of passionate Xbox fans, who were lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket, embarked on a journey that checked all the boxes of a dream E3 trip. Being invited to the Microsoft Theater and getting to walk on the same stage that was used in the Xbox E3 Briefing. Check. Getting hands-on gameplay with the biggest E3 games on that very same stage. Double check. Taking photos with Master Chief, Kait, the Legends from Apex Legends, and even the LEGO McClaren Senna that was revealed during the reveal of the expansion just a day before. Triple check.

If that wasn’t enough, those in attendance had the opportunity to attend autograph sessions ranging from game developers and even Phil Spencer! The official Xbox Gear store was open for business, complete with a personalization service to add your Gamertag to your favorite threads. At the end of the night, FanFest attendees received the coveted “secret gear backpack”. In what might be one of the most epic swag bags ever created, the contents of this year’s bag included a Sea of Thieves backpack, a pair of RIG 800LX headphones, t-shirts, and yes, even a limited edition Xbox Ambassadors FanFest coin!

CMs pose in front of a Snatcher from Gears 5.
To see photos from this legendary event, check out our E3 2019 highlights on Instagram or search #XboxFanFest on the social media platform of your choice.

Stay tuned… Part Two is next week!

We have even more E3 2019 activities to talk about next week. We’ll be looking at some of our favorite #XboxAmbsE3 posts from Twitter and Instagram and talking about the ways you followed along with our E3 activities from home.

See you next week!


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