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X019 Recap

Hello Ambassadors!

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and everyone is finally back in the office after X019. We had a lovely time and would like to recap a bit of the experience for you below. Expect this to be the “Jungle Cruise” ride of blog posts, no big bumps, some cool sights, a couple corny jokes, and uniforms. *Vid for the uninitiated*

We traveled, and traveled, and traveled some more

We left on November 12, all of us from our respective homes, hovels, and fox dens, to meet at the Seattle Airport. I’m sure y’all recognize this pic of happy people.


You may wonder why there isn’t a before and after picture from after we landed in Heathrow, 14 hours of travel after the above picture. It turns out, that horrors of that magnitude are difficult to photograph. The only photograph that survived the carnage is below.


That’s a picture of me (Procrow) standing on the wing of the aircraft. I made sure to trim the hair after I slept the first night in London. Didn’t want to scare away y’all at the convention.

The Xbox Ambassadors Lounge at X019

Look at this lovely view of the X019 floor. The booth was placed above the action, capable of seeing all.


We could view the main attractions, see all the video crews and live stages around the arena, point to our favorite games, and watch the joy of victories and comedy of defeats in a multitude of places.

Having the view coupled nicely with our booth experience. We built the booth to be a lounge, where kicking your feet up and relaxing once the dogs were barking (your feet are tired), was the main point. Check out this live video of our view of Inside Xbox, just to get you jelly 😉.

At the Lounge, the Xbox Ambassadors staff was focused on chatting it up with current Ambassadors. We were beyond thrilled to meet UK Ambassadors in-person.

We had a post-it board for sharing what G4E meant to you.


And a board of gamer tag signatures, that got a lot of your names!

The chillaxing was also at a maximum and quite enjoyable, though it was at times packed.

The Xbox Ambassadors meet ups

We had two Xbox Ambassadors meet ups while we were in town. These were off site gatherings for Xbox Ambassadors to come and hang out, whether or not they attended X019 event. It also provided a more relaxed locale for everyone to sit and feed in a new setting.


The first was at a pizzeria, a short walk from the convention hall. We took over these 2 long tables to create a Viking Nord dining experience. Everybody was shouting, laughing, eating, and chumming it up with their neighbors. This night totally killed my voice, and I was suffering from it the next day. I sounded like a mix between myself and a 2000 year old witch.

The second location was even CLOSER to the convention hall, a barcade called 4 Quarters. It not only had Ninja Turtles themed pizza, it had video games! Every wall was lined withold school consoles like NES, SNES, and N64.


Awesome games from X019

We played multiple rounds of the game Bleeding Edge. The creative Director of Bleeding Edge, Rhani Tucker,  also hung out at our booth for a bit as well. Here’s an interview with her at X019 (note the location of our banner in the video!).

We all gave Flight Simulator a go. This game uses Bing Maps to update the world to make a photorealistic representation of Earth to fly through. We flew over our houses and I tried to land on a freeway (I hit a car and so it didn’t work). Here’s the Flight Simulator Trailer.

We tried Ubisofts Roller Champions and loved it. The “game feel” was solid. It had feelings of contact and weight that normally come from games like Dark Souls or Destiny. The game plays a bit like Rocket League, as you can slide up the walls and are working with team mates to put a ball through a goal. Here’s a full gameplay from IGN of them playing. 

Our X019 video recap

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this unforgettable experience!


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