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We’re on our way to make gaming fun for everyone

Ambassadors, we’ve been on a mission to make gaming fun for everyone. Since we embarked on this quest, we’ve brought the community closer together through program missions that encourage all of us to make Xbox a fun place to play for all gamers.

Recently, we asked Xbox Ambassadors and gamers alike to share their positive gaming stories on our blog and on Reddit. With nearly 500 comments and 260 upvotes, people shared their gaming experiences to the world. Story after story, people opened up about how Xbox and Xbox gamers, like you, helped them get through some of life’s challenges.

Sea of Thieves

The stories

One Redditor, a gamer without sight, received support from the gaming community that help them play several games to completion. When they played Sea Of Thieves at E3 2017 with the assistance of the devs, they discovered that being at the helm was actually a really satisfying experience. Now, they navigate in every crew they sail with.  

As more people were sharing their stories of adversity, others chimed in with examples of how gaming has helped them and their families. Another gamer explained that his mother has an unidentifiable progressive disease similar to Parkinson’s. Now with the new accessibility features available on Xbox, his mother can play games like Mahjong, Fishdom, and digital jigsaws.   

Others shared stories of how gaming helped them cope with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. One gamer mentioned just the act of sitting down and having a play session has helped them overcome their mental health problems. Through the power of video games they have been able to recover and overcome their depression and other problems.   

Not only has gaming helped people cope with mental health, but online gaming has helped newcomers learn the ropes, supported those who play with a disability, and even helped people in their marriage.    

In the Reddit thread, a gamer expressed that playing on Xbox saved his marriage. One morning, after being separated, his wife came over to the place he was staying at. She saw the Xbox console with Halo CE on it and he handed her a controller. As they started playing a new campaign, they slowly were able to break the ice. After finishing that gaming session, they were able to speak to each other about their relationship more easily. Now, 16 years later, they’re still together with three daughters. And yes, they do still play Halo, remembering when a cooperative campaign helped them save their relationship.   

Let’s continue to make gaming fun for everyone 

This is just the start of making our mission possible. As Ambassadors, we create positive, inclusive experiences on Xbox, connect with gamers around the globe, and above all else, we make gaming fun for everyone.  

If you have other stories of how you’ve contributed to making Xbox a fun and safe place to play, let us know in the comments below!  


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