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UGN Provides Their Top Tips To Streaming On Mixer!

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! This is a guest submission by Unlocks Gaming Network, a streaming group who recently provided a Mixer class to beginning streamers. We publish blog submissions from Xbox Ambassadors from time to time, and if interested, you can submit a blog here.

Never did we think that the moment when we first hit the broadcast button to begin streaming on Xbox that it would lead us to hosting and teaching the first ever Mixer streamer workshop for our local Microsoft store.

Being a member of Beam since the development stage we have grown and celebrated all of the new developments with the Mixer platform. So, when our Microsoft store reached out to us to host the “Pro tips to becoming a Mixer Streamer workshop” we were ecstatic and honored to be apart this new monumental milestone in the many that Mixer continues to develop.

Xbox Ambassadors has allowed us the tools and contacts to share our passion for people and gaming. We have been able to be a part of some really great events for our local Microsoft store like Minecon and X19. Having such an integral part in community interaction is what we love and being able to connect with people face to face rather than online was really special.

The two hour workshop was open to people, aged 13+ of all streaming backgrounds to learn, grow and develop themselves and their stream. We were able to use our experience and tips to make people comfortable in knowing that regardless of what their individual streaming goal may be; to make friends, to overcome personal goals, to monetize or just to simply have fun, the Mixer community is inclusive to everyone. The workshop included everything from the basics of how to get started to building an audience, networking, etiquette, social media, branding and everything in between! For attending, everyone got to go home with a very special swag bag provided by Mixer. The workshop was a massive success leaving all of the attendees excited and ready to begin and grow their Mixer journey. At the end, our Channel Unlocks Gaming Network was able to showcase and stream right from the store to our audience on the awesome technology of Xbox One a web cam and the Mixer broadcast app!


The best part about the workshop was the fact that of everyone who attended, not one person had the same answer of why they started streaming. Getting to know everyone’s unique goals helped us cater to what each of them were looking to get out of the experience.

  1. The number one piece of advice we received when we first started streaming and we still believe is important is to remember; you are playing video games. Have fun! Play what you enjoy and don’t force yourself into games that make you uncomfortable. Your audience wants to see you loving what you play and to be engaging.
  2. Gaming is about enjoying, creating and sharing adventures with family, friends and new players. Your personality is what will bring people back to watch you again and again.
  3. Self-love and care are another important tool to be mindful of and we feel can sometimes get overlooked. Often streamers starting out don’t set healthy streaming timeframes and stream to the point of exhaustion and burn themselves out. Make sure to take time for yourself and take deserved breaks and days off. This will allow you to stay healthy so that you can continuously stream, stay creative and be reliable for your audience and growing community.
  4. A great networking tool to do on your down time is to show support for other streamers by visiting and engaging in their channel. This helps build the gaming community and creates a positive environment to grow Mixer. It can also lead to opportunities for community play, chat and co streaming with others.
  5. Consistency is everything. For your community to grow, your viewers need to know when to show up and have a clear concept of what they are tuning in to. Pick a realistic schedule that works for you so that you can stick with it. People will come to associate that time with your channel and will be more likely to watch than if you are randomly going live whenever you want. Post your schedule on your Mixer page and other social medias so that people have that visual reminder.
  6. Social Media in conjunction with Mixer will act as your best tool to connect you with a larger audience. Showcasing your content creation is a great way for new people to see what you are all about!

The Mixer community includes gamers from all backgrounds whether it be gaming for fun or to meet new people or to making a career out of streaming, there is a space for everyone! With those simple key tips to keep in mind, we feel everyone can have a successful and fulfilling streaming experience!

The Microsoft store has created an amazing space for gamers to come together and events like this help support the gaming community. Unlocks Gaming Network has been fortunate enough to be invited back to host a second workshop for the Mixer Academy at our local Microsoft store. We couldn’t be more excited to help streamers grow into their own brand.

Happy Streaming

We are excited that this Mixer workshop will now be an ongoing event for Microsoft and its community. We look forward in helping to develop, give guidance and continue to be a positive role model for the Mixer and the Xbox community.

UGN – Unlocks Gaming Network
GT : X3N0934RZ , S34W33DC

Special thanks to – Dann Feltrin – Manager & Xbox Expert and the staff @Microsoftstore Burnaby, BC, Canada
and to the @WatchMixer commuinty outreach team for the swag bags as well as Xbox Ambassadors and Otter our Rep!

We are always available to attend and carry out events on behalf of Xbox and Mixer. Please feel free to contact us for future events and carrer opportunities!