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The Last 30 Days of Season 17

Hello Xbox Ambassadors!  

We are at the Last 30 Days of Season 17 and are going to take some of the space here to talk about Season 18. Ya’seewe got some interesting programmatic changes incoming, and we want to make sure you have an opportunity to learn, think on it awhile, discuss, then talk with us about it.  

Alright, first let’s get a couple of THIS month’s announcements into your heads. 

International Women’s day is Sunday March 8! 

We’ll be celebrating some Women Ambassadors and Professionals in the industry on March 6 with an upcoming blog. If you are interested in being more involved in International Women’s Day, check out and use the hashtag #EachforEqual and check out the International Women’s Day website. 

Women holding up her arms in the sign of equality, one arm over the other forming an equal sign when viewed from the front

March 15th is the Bleeding Edge Playdate 

BLEEDing Edge-citement for the Bleeding Edge Playdate? Good, because we are tackling this in a closed beta on March 15th. Bleeding Edge is a Hero Brawler in the vein of Overwatch. The game has Tanks, DPS, and Healers, so expect coordination of colorful characters. Characters like a graffiti ninja, cackling witch, person who is half motorcycle, and even a sentient robot snake. The way to get into the closed beta is to either A) Be A GamePass Subscriber or B) have preordered the game. Here are the important links “pre-order” and Game Pass. The big blog and sign up for the Playdate will be pushed live soon!  

30 days of Positivity with the Start of Spring! 

With days getting longer, the air warmer, the flowers peeking through the dirt and attempting to weather the sudden surprise hail and cold that beats them back down….. it’s almost Spring! When the Spring update goes live in the northern hemisphere (it’s a weather video game joke), we’ll be celebrating with 30 Days of Positivity! We’ll be sharing good vibes from fellow Ambassadorspositive sentiments, encouraging thoughts, reminders to be thankful, and lots of other fuzzy feels.  

Man jumping with arms stretched out wide, ambassador logo replacing his head and the words "positivity" floating in front of him

Take it away Otter! 

We have not made enough 2020 jokes this year. Twenty-twenty: perfect vision. The Xbox Ambassadors have a vision to make gaming fun for everyone. Let’s take a look at what we’ve done this year to accomplish this. 

In January, we launched the Pledge. Xbox Ambassadors all over the world have signed, promising to uphold the shared values of creating and fostering a safe and welcoming place to game. 

In February, Ambassadors took on Side Quests. These were a new kind of Mission with a bonus quiz for some bonus XP. 

Now it’s March, and as we enter the final stretch of Season 17, we’re going to continue growing. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come. 

Every season, Ambassadors complete Missions and activities to unlock Experience Points (XP) and move up the Seasonal Tiers to collect exclusive rewards. At the beginning of every season, the Seasonal Tiers refresh, resetting Seasonal XP to zero and bringing new rewards. 

Lifetime Levels 

Starting April 1st (no joke), current Xbox Ambassadors will see their new Lifetime Level across the XA website. An Ambassador’s Level will be determined by the total Lifetime XP they’ve accumulated over the course of their Ambassador journey. 

Unlike Seasonal Tiers, which will still existan Ambassador’s Lifetime Level will advance across seasons as they continue to unlock XP. With each new Level achieved, Ambassadors will have access to new Mission types and more as we continue to create new and exciting ways for Ambassadors to help make gaming fun for everyone. (And you can keep unlocking rewards along the way!) 

We are also doing a complete redesign on the Missions page that ties into the new Levels system. The new Missions page will show how to unlock XP and sweepstakes tickets, all the different activities available, and how moving up through Levels opens more activities as you progress in your journey as an Ambassador. 

Mini Beta 

Beta Fish on a Black background

It’s a Beta fish….get it?

As these are some rather major changes, Levels will be launching as a beta. We will also be running a beta on a redesign of the Missions page. “Beta” can mean different things, so we want to make clear what our beta period entails. 

Throughout Season 18 (April – June), you might see changes to the layout and design of the Missions page, as we gather feedbackThe amount of Lifetime XP needed to reach a certain Level could also shift during this time, meaning your Level could go up or down during the beta, as we adjust numbers based on feedback and data. 

Things that will not be altered are the amount of XP and sweepstakes tickets Ambassadors have already. Additionally, the XP and sweepstakes tickets that are awarded throughout Season 18 will not be altered and will stay intact after the beta period has concluded. The URL for the Missions page is also going to stay the same during and after our beta. 

Lastly  but most importantly – we need your feedback! Keep an eye out for weekly opportunities on the Missions page to complete surveys and send us your thoughts oall the changes. 

That was a lot of information, so let’s hit pause for now. For next time, I will go deeper into how Missions are going to look and work as well as a lot more about the new Ambassador Levels. 

See you everyone!

Otter + ProCrow