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The Last 30 Days of Season 16

Hello Xbox Ambassadors!

The month of December is bringing a gentle dusting of snow (at least in the Hallmark movies), and we are closing up the year of 2019. So snuggle up with a blanket, fill up your favorite cup with warm whatever, and we’ll provide the reading material.

A New Criteria to Be an Ambassador

Next week we’ll be posting about a new criteria to be an Xbox Ambassador. We are sure there will be lots and lots of questions, as this will affect everyone. This teaser announce is to give everyone an increased chance of seeing the updates as they come next week. Don’t lose any sleep over it, we’ll be talking about it a lot :).

Extra Life Stream Dec 6 – Dec 7

Xbox is having an Extra Life stream starting December 6th at 9 AM PST to December 7th 12 PM PST. The Xbox Ambassador Team has a 1 hour slot from 830 am – 930 am PST on December 7.  If you want to come by and see us play, Saturday is the time. If you can’t see us, no worries, come drop by and say hello to the other teams! This is all about helping out a good cause, so if you want to, come watch and/or donate.

December 15 is our Halo Reach Play Date

Suit up Noble 6, we’ll be stepping onto Reach December 15th for our December Playdate. Taxel will be leading the streaming charge while AshesX and Procrow (ME!) will fight on the frontlines in multiple games. You are welcome to join us and the many many Ambassadors as we fly around on Jetpacks and play a variety of game modes….like Headhunter! We will be posting more on the playdate soon.

Halo Reach Headhunter Scene

A Couple of Spartans playing a friendly game of Head Hunter

Xbox Ambassador Mixer Team is now LIVE!

For y’all Mixer streamers out there, the Xbox Ambassador Mixer Team is accepting new content creators to be featured on the Xbox Ambassador Team Page. For the unititiated, the Xbox Mixer Team Page, is a place for viewers to locate streamers who are also Xbox Ambassadors. The streamers on the page are organized by who is currently live at that moment. So if you are live, you are floated to the tippy top of the list!

The criteria to join the Xbox Ambassador Mixer Team is simple…are you an Xbox Ambassador? Do you have a Mixer page you stream regularly to? Do you want to be a part of the Xbox Ambassador Mixer Team Page?

If your answers are 3Xyes….then contact a Community Manager on Discord, and provide your Mixer URL and Gamertag.

Those are the steps to be a part of the team. Thank you for helping out the viewers who are looking to watch some Xbox Ambassador Content.

Maxen is stepping down from the Alpha Ambassador Role

After years of dedication, Maxen has decided to step down from the Alpha role. Thanks for helping build the community!…You asked us to keep it short and so we have :).

Maxen's Avatar wearing a suit and kicking a soccer ball.

Ambassador of the Month is moving to a new publish date

Here at the ole Xbox Ambassador headquarters, we’ve found that we often end up squishing the Ambassador of the Month against the “30 Days” posts. We feel that minimizes the attention the Ambassador of the Month deserves, so we are going to scoot AOTM posts to be an end of the month event. Ambassadors of the Month will still be featured for an entire month, the only real change will be that the posts to a new Ambassador of the Month, will occur the last week of the month, rather than the first week.

Holiday Breaks for the Xbox Ambassador Stream

Since it IS December, a lot of us on the team will be taking time off to celebrate the holidays. Expect that the dates from December 23, to January 2nd to have some lower team counts. Also, it’s possible there will be lots of snow in Seattle this year. We may be totally stuck in our homes, and not building snow peoples and sledding down nearby hills.

Procrow's and taxel's logos on children in snow

Procrow and Taxel working hard.


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