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The last 30 days of Season 15

It’s the first week of the last month in Season 15, and oh how time flies. Last month was filled with playdates, activity optimization, and all-around good vibes for Xbox Ambassadors. This month, we’re still focused on enhancing Ambassadors activities and running playdates, but we also have a few more fun items on the agenda as well. Read on for the deets!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an Xbox Ambassador

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a superhero? Well, here’s your chance to at least look like one. That’s right, we have capes. Xbox Ambassadors branded capes.


We can’t say when, and we can’t say how, but in the last 30 days of Season 15, we’ll be giving Ambassadors a chance at this exclusive swag. Stay tuned!

We’ve got a new kid on the block

The wait is over, my friends. We’re excited to announce that we have brought on a new Xbox Ambassadors Community Manager to join Taxel, AshesX, and EnolaCat. Who are they? Wouldn’t you like to know. Don’t worry, we’ll be introducing you all to them very soon!

New Ambassador activities are STILL coming your way

In the Next 30 Days of Season 15 post, we mentioned launching automated Xbox Live trial missions. We are *super* close to completing internal testing rounds and are on track to set the mission live this month. As a reminder, the activities we’re testing are making a friend on Xbox Live, gaining a follower on Xbox Live, and messaging “GG” on Xbox Live.

screen grab of the good game mission

These new missions will continue empowering Ambassadors to make positive impacts on the Xbox community. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on these activities!

The next Ambassadors Playdate

Our next community playdate is Sunday, September 22nd @ 9:30 AM PT, so mark your calendars. We’ll be playing Apex Legends and giving away Xbox Game Pass codes on-stream. You don’t want to miss this epic event and a chance to play with your fellow Ambassadors and Community Managers!


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