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The February 23rd Play Date is Sea of Thieves!

Hey Xbox Ambassadors! Our next community Playdate is February 23rd and it’s going to be Sea Of Thieves! You voted in our weekly Discord polls and Sea Of Thieves caught the wind and sailed to victory ;).

Sea Of Thieves is available through Game Pass, or can be purchased through this link. Sea Of Thieves is Cross Play with PC, so come aboard to play anyway you wish.

Pirates playing music in Sea of thieves

The Details

  • Who: You and whichever friends and family you’d like to invite!
  • What: Xbox Ambassadors Community Playdate – Sea Of Thieves!
  • When: Sunday, February 23rd from 930AM – 1230PM Pacific time.
  • Where (to watch): https://mixer.com/XboxAmbassadors
  • Why (we do these): to get as many Ambassadors and other Xbox gamers together as we can, playing games together and having a great time!
  • How (to sign up): Fill out the Signup Form linked here and let us know the the number of guests (if any) you expect to bring with you.

cannon firing at a ship in Sea of Thieves

You’re signed up – now what?

  • Discuss: you can talk to other Ambassadors about how excited you are in Discord on the subchannel #xa_community_play_dates. This will be stood up closer to the playdate.
  • Prepare: you can install Sea Of Thieves your Xbox and check for updates to be sure you’re ready for the event.
  • Spread the Word: You can invite your family and friends to join us – the more the merrier!

3 pirates standing together in various outfits, the male pirate has a hooked hand, the center pirate is in captains garb that is the color purple, she looks fierce, and the final pirate is wearing a multi button trenchcoat with a wide brimmed hat reminiscent of a fedora or musketeer hat....she also looks fierce.

What to do the day of the Play Date (February 23rd 2019)

  • Tell us when you’re ready: drop into #xa_community_play_dates in the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server to let us know you and your group are here and ready to play!
  • Squad up: As a general rule, family/friends/guests will stay with the Ambassador who invited them. Staff will mix and match everyone who tells us they’re ready – the goal is to get new teams of Ambassadors together who haven’t played with each other before so we all meet some new friends.
  • Play Nice: Playdates let Ambassadors game with new people and to make new friends. Let’s all have a good time, build each other up, and add some friends on Xbox when we hit it off!
  • Show off: Don’t forget to capture awesome clips and snapshots to share with the hashtag #XAPlaydates!