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A Guide on How to Stream From Xbox with Stream Overlay


Greetings fellow Ambassadors, over the last year I have seen more and more Ambassadors streaming and that really great for the community, but I think we can do better, no more excuses you do not have the hardware to have that dynamic overlay, I have got it sorted for you! ūüėä

Now, why do I think every gamer out there needs to stream if they can? Because it aadds so much to the community. Ever since watching one of my first Xbox streamers, DJBeavis on Mixer, and eventually being able to do some co-streaming with him, the streaming bug bit me and has always been with me since. And I think if you give it a shot, you might catch the bug as well.

Now, I may not be a great gamer, or even a mediocre streamer, but I hope I am at least fun to watch while I am getting stabbed, shot, run over or even riding my horse of a cliff in-game. It doesn‚Äôt matter if you’re good or bad, believe it or not. Some people like to just watch the average gamer playing games.

I, like yourself, have made countless friends through Xbox, but streaming with your friends is taking it to the next level, I have not had as much fun gaming as when I am able to stream and watch my friends stream the same game at the same time. I don‚Äôt think there is anything more satisfying as watching how a well-planned heist can go so epically wrong, especially when you can watch it from everyone’s point of view.

On a side note, there is a way to sort of co-stream with Twitch: it is with the website multi Twitch and all you need to do is put in the main web address and then separate each Twitch username with a ” / ”

For example, below is how it would look like for, say, a 4 person co-stream

A screenshot of the multi twitch websiteAnyways I digressed‚ÄĒ what I am here for is to get you streaming with a flashy, dynamic and “chat-controlled” overlay, with no need for a PC, OBS or extra hardware needed to do this.

Over the last year or so (since Mixer bit the dust) I have been using the Twitch App on my Xbox with a Twitch Extension called Overlay Expert. Now this is an awesome extension, which means you can have a nice dynamic overlay without the need of OBS, or any other software and hardware.

Having chatted with Marc the developer of Expert Overlay, he has been gracious enough to host a FREE Xbox Ambassadors Overlay that I have created which you can download and modify, with the guide below, and get yourself set up and running in less than 30 minutes.

So, a huge thankyou to Marc at Expert Overlay, for an awesome extension and hosting this free overlay for us. Without further ado, here are the steps to get you going:

1. The following:
– Your image (320×320)
– Your logo banner (1004×114)
– An alternative logo banner (1004×114)
– A “Starting soon” image (1920×1080)
– A “Thanks for watching” image (1920×1080)
– Your Twitch Account
– Your Xbox set up to use the account
– A web browser on PC/Mac to set it up

Note: This overlay only works on a browser and cannot be seen on a the mobile twitch application.‚Äč Your Twitch VODS wont record the overlay.‚Äč Once set up you can play around and do whatever you want with your overlay, this is just a guide to get you up and running with the least hassle and an easy setup guide.‚Äč

2. Go to your browser and sign into your Twitch account‚Äč. Once signed in, click on your Twitch Account icon in the top right, then select “Creator Dashboard“.‚Äč

A screenshot of the twitch website user options

3. Then click on “Extensions” on the left of the screen.‚Äč

A screenshot of the twitch website extensions page

4. Next click in the “Search all Extensions” and enter “Expert Overlay

Screenshot of Twitch website extension search
5. Once you see the Search Results, click on “Install“, then click on “Configure“‚Äč

Screenshot of Twitch website extension search results

Screenshot of Twitch website extension being installed successfully

Screenshot of Twitch website's Overlay Expert configuration options

6. Close the Extension Configuration page‚Äč, open your browser and go to this page: https://overlay.expert/overlays/product/6074af6a4343eb001b3924de

7. Once loaded click on SIGN IN on the top right, and select TWITCH and authorize the account.

Screenshot of Overlay Expert website sign in page

‚Äč8. Once authorized click on the pink CUSTOMIZE button.‚Äč Select NO on the Welcome to the builder popup.‚Äč

Screenshot of Overlay Expert setup screen9. Select VIEW and Fit to Window. Make sure logo2 is hidden by clicking on the three dots and selecting hide

Screenshot depicting how to hide a logo on the Overlay Expert app

12. Click on logo1 on the left side of the screen‚Äč

13. Click on Background‚Äč

14. Click on the CHANGE button‚Äč

15. Click on the PINK CIRCLE button and upload your logo1 image (1004×114)‚Äč

16. Click on the gray tick box under your newly uploaded image and it will swap the XBA logo for yours

Screenshot depicting how to swap logos on the Overlay Expert app

17. Click on the little CLOUD icon under your Twitch profile icon to save changes‚Äč. You can also change the images for all the following elements should you wish to customize this further: GT with followers, Starting Soon‚Äč, Thanks for Watching‚Äč, logo2‚Äč

‚Äč18. Once you can see the cloud with a tick, close the browser window.‚Äč

19. Load your Twitch Account in your browser and go to the Creator Dashboard view‚Äč

20. Click on Extensions‚Äč

21. Click on the cogwheel on Overlay Extensions‚Äč

Screenshot of the Overlay Expert cogwheel settings22. Scroll down the screen until you see the XA option and select CHOOSE, and it will change to SELECTED

Screenshot of Overlay Expert's XA overlay configuration‚Äč

And you are now ready to go! All you need to do is load the Twitch App on your Xbox (make sure you are signed in with the same account you linked to Overlay Expert.). Once Broadcasting, you can use your PC to check on your stream.

‚ÄčWith this overlay I have added the ability to HIDE and SHOW images through the use of your Twitch Chat. You will need to be logged in on your mobile or your PC to send these commands. At the moment these commands can only be sent by the Broadcaster Account.

‚ÄčTo use these command just type them into Twitch chat. Please take note that the stream can be delayed.‚Äč
!startingsoonon – Hide everything and only show the Starting Soon image‚Äč
!startingsoonoff – Turn off the Starting Soon Image‚Äč
!thankyouon – Hide everything and only show the Thanks for Watching image‚Äč
!thankyouoff – Turn off the Thanks for Watching image‚Äč

‚Äč!logo1on – Turn on the logo1 banner (by default it is always on)‚Äč
!logo1off – Turn off the logo1 banner‚Äč

!logo2on – Turn on the logo2 banner (make sure you have turned off the logo1 banner or both will show)‚Äč
!logo2off – Turn off the logo2 banner‚Äč
!test twitchFollow -This allows you to test the popup animation for when you get a new Twitch Follower.‚Äč


I hope you found this useful, and I hope this is a good starting point to all you future streamers out there! ‚ÄčI wish you all the best and if you have any questions, I have links to Overlay Expert, its Discord and help guides.‚Äč

‚ÄčStay strong, and keep streaming.‚Äč


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