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Say it ain’t so—goodbye Miss JSP

Well, it’s the end of an era, the final inning, the last hurrah. I’m so honored to have had the pleasure of working by Miss JSP’s side for the last 458 days, 10,999 hours, 659,940 minutes, 39,596,400 seconds. From day one, her presence has made such a positive impact, not only on the Xbox Ambassadors program as a whole, but also on the lives of those who had the privilege of getting to know her.

We’ll never forget the good times

Remember your official introduction to Xbox Ambassadors on stream? You legit stole our hearts from the start.

We’ll never forget your unwavering love of the gaming community…

“Gaming is amazing, it’s fulfilling to unlock trophies and achievements while slaying enemies, but you all continuously remind me that it’s way more than that. What makes gaming so special and impactful is the people who are working alongside you—whether down the road or in another country, gaming is what binds us together. I’ve learned so much and that knowledge has come from you.” – Miss JSP

and how you’re always challenging us.

photo challenge

meme challenge

Oh, and of course, well miss your newfound passion for cooking food with the Xbox Ambassadors logo.

Pie Day Xbox Ambassadors

chocolate cake day

pizza day

Dear Miss JSP

“Friends are the family you choose.” Jess C. Scott, from GT Dex


“There are a few people I have met who can match JSP in terms of just how awesome she is. She has always gone above and beyond for us all & whilst I am so happy for her, there will never be another JSP for us.” from Pandy Yato


“Miss JSP, thank you for all you have done for this community this past year. Keeping us all informed on all things ambassadors has helped us grow as a community! Here’s to the next bigger and better thing! You will be missed, but not forgotten!” from Air Head DLX


“JSP has a special place in my heart. She made a genuine effort to get to know me and helped make things better for everyone within the program. Her blogs and announcements really helped create a wholesome vibe and made us feel valued. I will definitely miss… Miss Judas Priest. Farewell and good luck with your future endeavors.” from Choppyseize

Goodbye Alex—we’ll miss you <3


goodbye Miss JSP


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