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Hey Ambassadors!

Hey Ambassadors! I’m NerdyBirdy.

So much of my childhood and young adult years were shaped by gaming. I can still remember watching my older brother playing 16-bit RPG’s on a Super Nintendo, or eagerly awaiting the release of the first Xbox with my friends in Middle School.

As a kid, gaming was my safe space. A place I could turn to without fear of rejection or bullying. It was something I could do with friends or on my own. When gaming moved into the open world of the internet, I saw this community grow global and more immersive. But I also saw how much of the toxicity of online interactions – the trolls, racism, sexism, and bigotry – began to take root in some corners of the gaming world.

I’m so excited to join the Xbox Ambassadors team and be a part of a global movement to bring gaming back into a community of inclusion, tolerance and positive relationships and experiences. Gaming was a huge part of my early development and I want to help ensure that gaming remains a positive experience for generations to come. As part of the Xbox Ambassadors team, I’ll be responsible for writing and curating content that helps gamers increase their knowledge and confidence and develop lasting and enriching relationships.


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