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MTA Raylz is September’s Ambassador of the Month!

Xbox Ambassadors, put your hands together MTA Raylz! You’ll probably recognize him from the many positive interactions he has had with other members of the community, over many years and across many platforms. He’s a friendly force in the program, a public transit enthusiast, and the newest Ambassador of the Month + Community Champion! Read on below to learn more about him and his many contributions to this community over the years.

MTA Raylz' Xbox avatar wearing jeans, white athletic shoes, a green shirt with a previous Xbox Ambassadors logo (laurels around a star) and a yellow hat with the same logo

How did gaming become one of your passions?
Gaming became one of my passions from my dad, he got me my first home console at the age of 4 in 1994 a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with Duck Hunt and its been history since then that I’ve been with to this day.

What’s your favorite video game or franchise, and why?
My Favorite Game Franchise has Been Halo ever since 2007, my dad gifted me Halo 3 and a Xbox 360 Pro model back when this and the arcade model launched the prior year and since then i went and played the rest of the games from combat evolved to halo 5.

MTA Raylz' Xbox avatar holding a bow and arrow, wearing a black beanie, black shoes + pants, and a white shirt with Xbox in block letters

How long have you been an Xbox Ambassador for, and how did you first hear about the program?
I’ve been a Xbox Ambassador Since 2012, So this year would be 9 and I heard about the program off a website that mentioned about a program to help fellow gamers with their troubles with their console and accounts, I naturally applied and now its history.

Do you have a favorite Xbox Ambassadors memory that you’d like to share?
My favorite XA memory was the monthly playdate of halo 5 and the random custom game modes you have to play to understand how fun it is like the mechs and maze the rapid fire rocket launcher matches or the obstacle course of sniper vs the rest of the players to make it to the sniper.

MTA Raylz takes a selfie with a neutral expression. He's wearing a green and black Xbox Series X hoodie, zipped up.

For you, what’s the most important line of the Xbox Ambassador Pledge?
The most important line of the pledge is to be “Make gaming fun for everyone” because when others are having fun and so are you everyone can be included into the discussion or the moment and be like wow! I want to come back every stream or playdate to experience the joy of playing with the community which becomes your potential friends.

What does a healthy community mean to you?
A healthy community means when you or your friends or just the random new person can listen watch or play the game everyone has in common or different which makes all of us special, I think we all can contribute to a like minded place where nothing else matters but friends.

MTA Raylz's Xbox avatar stands next to a blue and white shark person and a flag with the Xbox, Bing, Office, and Windows logos. The avatar wears a black shirt with a golden star + laurels Amby logo. Above the avater, a cat jumps on skis in a fencing stance.

How do you think online communities positively impact the lives of gamers?
Online Communities can unite us when whatever is going on in the world we have a common ground where for the time get together no matter how distant we are like right now during the events going in life.

What do you like to do outside of gaming?
I like transportation like trains and buses which inspired my current gamertag and my nickname my family gave me years ago, whether I’m taking a train or bus to and from places like different areas of cities.

As Ambassador of the Month, what message do you have for other members of the Xbox Ambassadors community?
Everything you do has a lasting impact on someone’s life, you never know when someone might be going through a issue or event where they need support and you help like back then we used to have the chatbots and the Ambassabank, we helped parents or other gamers who needed support with their Xbox consoles. For those who been around or longer than me, remember the mythical unicorn badge.
That’s it for our Ambassador of the Month spotlight of MTA Raylz. You can catch him on Xbox, Twitter, or Twitch. Tell him congratulations when you see him around! Do you know someone who would make a great Ambassador of the Month or Community Champion? You can nominate them for the role at this link.


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