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Meet the Xbox Ambassadors Community Managers

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the staff Community Managers of the Xbox Ambassadors community—Taxel, AshesX and ProCrow.

What exactly are the Community Managers here for? Good question. The Community Managers are staff members who love collecting program feedback, answering questions, chatting about games, and, most importantly, are here to make this community the best it can be. To connect with a Community Manager, visit the Xbox Ambassadors Discord, find them on Twitter, or tune in to a stream on the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer channel.

And without further ado, here they are!

Hi everyone, I’m Taxel.

Twitter: @XA_Taxel  |  Discord: Mister Taxel#3685  |  Xbox: Mister Taxel

I’m extremely excited to be a part of this community and the Xbox Ambassador Program. Some personal notes about myself—I’ve been playing Xbox since the console launched back in 2001 and particularly enjoy sports simulators, shooters, and RPG’s. Current favorites are Madden, NBA 2K, PUBG, Battlefield 1, and I’ve just been getting into Mass Effect (I know, super late). I also love pretty much anything Bethesda. If it’s related to Star Wars, I’m probably a fan. When I’m not on Xbox, I’m spending time with friends outside (camping, hiking, etc.), reading and enjoying board and tabletop games.

Hey, hey! This is AshesX.

Twitter: @XA_AshesX  |  Discord: Miss AshesX#2661  |  Xbox: Miss AshesX

I’ve known about the Xbox Ambassadors program since I began my tenure with Xbox in 2013 with the Xbox Live Rewards team, so who wouldn’t take the chance to work directly with such a passionate group of people? I was a WoW addict (for the Horde!) for many years, then transitioned to casual gamer/outdoor enthusiast. I’m in love with puzzle and adventure platformers and really enjoy playing them. If I’m not online, you’ll find me hiking a trail, riding my bike, walking my dog, or chillaxing.


ProCrow GamerIcon

Hey Ambassadors, ProCrow here!

Twitter: @XA_ProCrow  |  Discord: ProCrow#6810  |  Xbox: MrProCrow

I’m a California born dude now residing in Seattle and a big fan of RPG mechanics. My favorite games are the Bioshock series (lite RPG elements, horror and philosophy, oh yes), Dark Souls (I’m a proud SunBro) and I’m a big fan of Smash Bros (Robin and Zelda FTW). Prior to joining the Xbox Ambassadors team, I was the live–stream specialist at Monolith Productions creating streaming content for Shadow of War. Play Shadow of War and experience the Nemesis System! You will make some great Orc friends.

Outside the gaming world, I’m into the bouldering scene in Seattle. It’s like gamified exercise! They have difficulty settings, levels, puzzles and it is so fun that even exhaustion becomes a mechanic. My favorite gym is The Seattle Bouldering Project; it even serves grilled cheese.




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