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March Ambassador of the Month – AirFig!

We’re marching into the new month with an exciting announcement. Our newest Community Champion and Ambassador of the Month is AirFig! You may have seen him around the Discord, or even caught one of his streams on the Xbox Ambassadors Twitch Channel. He is one of our wonderful content creators and play hosts, and we’d like to recognize him for representing the best of what an Xbox Ambassador can be. Let’s give a round of applause for AirFig! 

Man laying down on snow near a black car.AirFig was first noticed by the program when we came across one of his Xbox tutorial videos on YouTube. Not knowing what Xbox Ambassadors were, AirFig looked us up and found out we were a community of people trying to make Xbox a better place to game. He was drawn in and was all about helping others and making the community a safer place. It was also a bonus knowing he could get XP and chances to get rewards just by doing what drew him in in the first place, sharing his love of gaming. 

Meeting people and making friends is something I always enjoyed. With gaming not only can meet people, I can meet people from all over the world, different nationality, it’s a beautiful thing and one important factor why I love gaming. 

Man standing on road that runs along a body of water and trees.

It’s easy for him to stay involved with the program. As a play host, he streams on Twitch once a week and makes it a habit to check in on the website a few times a week for missions and updates. He also keeps up with the community through Discord and Twitter. When it comes to a healthy community, a few keywords come to his mind: positive, leadership, friendly, welcoming, and teaching. He contributes to this by always being welcoming and helpful when he sees someone in need of assistance. 

 Having a community to turn to is always helpful, having someone to game with when your stuck on a difficult mission or achievement is awesome to have. Sharing positive vibes and sharing gaming with a community that you can turn to I believe is very important in the gaming world.  

Man in red shirt standing next to Master Chief, tall armored Halo character.His favorite part about being an XA play host is being able to connect with friends that he games with and share the love of Xbox with others around the world. What made him want to be a play host? Having watched Scratch and FourNinjaToads having so much fun passing on positivity and at the same time gaming with the community, he knew that’s what he also wanted to do. 

Aside from gaming, AirFig loves to take aerial photography with his drone. He started with a Mavic Mini, a pocket drone since it is 249g in weight and fits in your pocket. After falling in love with flying a drone, he decided to get his Part 107 FAA license giving him the right to make money with drones in the United States and the rest was history. He currently uses the DJI Mavic Air 2.  

 Showing friends and family my hometown from a different perspective is awesome.” 

 Two drones sitting on a desk

Check out his photography work on his Instagram – AirFig! 

If you see AirFig around, give him a congrats and a high five! He deserves the spotlight. We’ll end with his message to the Xbox Ambassadors community: 

Thank you! Not only did I make so many friends, this community helped me develop myself as a gamer and streamer. I promise I will continue to help others and always help make this community a fun and safe place to game! 


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