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Let’s welcome Otter to the Xbox Ambassadors Team

Hey Ambassadors! I’m Otter (native to the Pacific Northwest).

gamerpic of a cartoon otter









I’m a big believer in mottos, though the one I live by is more of a cliché: “Be bold.” I was shy growing up, so I mostly played single-player RPGs and simulators. It was great interacting with characters to whom I could do no wrong. Or, if I did, I was always one save file away from making things right again.

Then the day came when I joined my first MMORPG. Without really knowing the steps or what I was getting into, I created a rogue. It didn’t take long before I got myself stuck in a high-level area. After dying a few times, I considered making a new account or even quitting. That’s when another player joined me. Without giving myself time to think about the possibility of rejection, I asked him to start a party with me.

With his help, I got back to the beginners’ area. I was back at the start, but my confidence had grown. The next time I logged on, I told myself to be bold and asked some other players if they’d like to team up.

From gaming, I’ve taken this kitchen-wall phrase and made it a part of my identity. Being bold is often about facing and embracing changes. That’s what I’ll be doing on the Xbox Ambassadors Team. Well, I’ll be announcing the changes and new features coming your way!


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