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Last 30 days of Season 14

Wow, what a month it’s been! It’s safe to say there is never a dull moment for Xbox Ambassadors. From badging to stream kits, and everything in between, the first 60 days of Season 14 were jam-packed with Ambassador goodness. Read on to see what’s on the radar for the last 30.

Xbox Ambassadors at E3

Eek—we literally cannot contain our excitement for E3!

gif of will and carlton from the Fresh Prince of Belair dancing

Since we announced our presence in early May, we’ve shared all of our plans, invited 10 Ambassadors to experience the magic, and talked with the community about their favorite E3 memories.

If you’re attending E3, make sure to catch up with us at EA Play, the Xbox Ambassadors Meet and Greet, and Xbox FanFest.

If you’re not attending in-person this year, be sure to join in on the fun at home. We’ll have missions and sweepstakes running and we’ll be sharing all the best details on Instagram!

New Ambassador activities coming soon

Your Xbox Ambassadors Team is always searching for new ways Xbox Ambassadors can make a positive impact on the Xbox community, in the ways you want to. In the next 30 days, we’re working on a few new activities that will give Ambassadors more ways to unlock XP and help make Xbox fun for everyone.

These activities are on-console, automatically tracked and rewarded, and perfectly aligned with the Xbox Ambassador mission.

While we can’t share the FULL details right now, we are happy to announce that work is well on its way and we’ll have more to share soon!

Stay in tune with the Feedback Tracker

To stay up to date on all of the wonderful feedback Ambassadors share, and what our team is working on—take a took at the Xbox Ambassadors Feedback Tracker!



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