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Introducing the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog

Welcome to the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog! We’re excited to unveil this space for sharing stories with you. Our goal is to invite you to peek into the exciting happenings across the Ambassadors Community. We’ll spotlight Ambassadors, share Program news, point you toward streams, and introduce you to members of the Xbox Community and Xbox Teams who, like you, are making Xbox a better place.

The Xbox Ambassadors Team is excited for the opportunity to provide a fuller view of the Program’s identity by focusing on the inherent passion of its members. Xbox Ambassadors Team Lead Miss Mauvelous, more commonly known as Miss M in the Ambassy, looks forward to broadcasting the culture behind Ambassadors: “The goal of Ambassadors is to celebrate the community members that are out there trying to make Xbox a better place, a place people want to be. The blog is a tool that we can use to not only showcase and recognize the members that are doing a bang-up job but also allow them to have a voice.”

Even Mister Cerb, head of the Xbox Support Forums Team, agrees that this community is made great by the members in it: “The whole reason I’m in this job is because of the community – the whole reason I do what I do, and love what I do, is because of the Xbox Community and chief among them, the Ambassadors of whom I get to interact with on a daily basis.”

“I love you guys,” says Cerb. “And I mean that from the bottom of my Cerb-y heart […]”

Since the Ambassadors Program is about connecting with other gamers, we’ll also provide more engagement opportunities. One way you’ll be seeing this is with Xbox Ambassadors Community Manager Mister Discord’s Twitch streams. Tuesdays’ Dealing with Discord will feature special guests, and we’ll occasionally provide exclusive interviews and content around the stream.

While Discord’s catalogue of special guests is sure to grow, we’ll start by introducing you to members of Team Xbox who are committed to serving the Xbox Community and embracing their game time. You’ll first meet the team behind @XboxSupport and the Xbox Support Forums’ Misters and Misses.

“All the different personalities on the team [are what make it so special],” says JF, head of @XboxSupport, identified using the team’s two-character Twitter naming convention. “I think it’s a lot of due diligence that goes behind hiring for this team, and it’s heavily-centered around making sure we don’t lose the culture that we’ve created.”

We’re all invested in the Xbox brand, new releases, conventions and gaming tournaments – whether we’re spectators or participators – and we want to show that passion here! As Miss M puts it: “This blog is here to give our community a voice … This is your blog, this is your program. We want to continue to do right by you.”

In doing right by you, we plan to open this blog up for suggestions in the future, putting the power in your hands to help us craft content you’ll be excited to come back to. We’ll share more information on this as we have it, but until then, keep on gaming!