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International Day of Friendship 2021

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s July 30 and that means it’s International Day of Friendship! To celebrate, we wanted to share some stories from within the Ambassadors community about friendships made and maintained through Xbox. We sent an email last week asking for story submissions, received over 400 responses, and selected some of our very favorites to share. Read on below for some heartwarming highlights and have a great day!


Freya with white headphones onI met both KingOfWombat and Bowski through Xbox Playdates but we are also in a couple of mutual Discord servers and we’re all members of the XA Programme and we regularly play together when we can. Myself and KingOfWombat are members of the Wombat Kingdom Discord and he hosts his own Community Nights and I am so proud to take part. Also, when life allows, I play with Xbox Playdates US where Bowski is also a member.

Both KingOfWombat and Bowski have been XA Community Champions and offer unwavering support and inspiration to me and one day I hope I can follow in their footsteps. I’m so lucky and honoured to take part in streams they are a part of but more so honoured to be able to call them my friends.

Aside from Playdates and Community Nights, I talk to both KingOfWombat and Bowski in mutual Discord servers and over other social media platforms. It seems crazy to think I have never met either of these wonderful humans in person but I also know my life is better for knowing them in the capacity I do.

I am humbled that Bowski messages me at least once a week – even if we haven’t been able to get together to play, and she checks in and makes sure I’m okay – which she doesn’t have to do but I appreciate all the same. I have a long history of mental health issues and – perhaps unfortunately for her – Bowski is ridiculously easy to talk to and means I’m perhaps more willing to open up and ask her opinion. Bowski offers unwavering support, help and endless virtual hugs and I know for as long as I have Bowski on the other end of my headset, I have support, boundless friendship and a sister I never knew I wanted or needed.

KingOfWombat and I actually met through the Xbox Ambassadors programme and discovered we had common ground we wanted to explore and we branched off, taking some of our other mutual friends along for the ride. While we’re still both proud members of the Xbox Ambassadors programme, we’re now working together to grow a community where everyone can feel safe, and valued and where their mental health matters, and support can be found no matter what the hour. We have several timezones between us so there’s always someone online for a chat, or to make up squad numbers. Through KingOfWombat, I have found a lifelong friendship and a whole community of acceptance I never knew I needed and never thought I would be lucky enough to find.

I love and appreciate you both endlessly, even though I never know how to show it. I hope this goes at least a little bit of the way to give you both the thanks you deserve for picking me up, brushing me off and showing me I am worthy of everything that comes my way that I’m often too shy to accept.


Black and red robotI met my two friends on the Xbox Ambassadors Discord Server. It was around late January/ early February I became friends with each of them.

RandomSashaLove, who is in New Zealand, is the easiest to keep in touch with. Her and I were working through Heists in GTA V and on Discord we have an on going game where once a day we send a random and/or useless facts to each-other (I am winning). Sharing a fact with RandomSashaLove would often lead into a great conversations about the facts we share, which has led me to consider her a good friend of mine as these conversations have built a solid foundation to our friendship.

LilyTinyBee, on the other hand, is in Sweden. It is harder to meet up in games with her. Instead we mainly talk over Discord, talking about difference in life, weather and culture between our countries (I should mention I am from Australia), and even some interesting & wacky facts of our countries too. LilyTinyBee is a kind hearted individual who is sometimes a little cheeky when she makes jokes about Australia.

I have made many friends through the Ambassador program but RandomSashaLove & LilyTinyBee are two of the oldest friends from the program and two of the closest. I always look forward to learning more about my friends and ever strengthening our friendships be it through games, long discussions of cheeky jokes toward one another.


MissDeusGeek in front of a green car with the Xbox logoI met Pandy through Twitter first, upon reading one of her blog post submissions on the Xbox Ambasaddors blog. The Xbox Ambassadors Twitter account had shared the blog post and upon reading it I was so impressed with Pandy that I followed her. We then met properly through the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer channel where I streamed as a Play Host weekly. She’d always be there lurking or watching no matter what to help cheer me on and her support meant to so much to me that we began chatting more and more via DMs and discord (on the Xbox Ambassadors server mostly). From there, she quickly became more than just someone I connected with about games, but someone I truly considered a personal friend.

Pandy and I have maintained our friendship via messaging and I’ve come to trust her so much that I’ve included her in various activities that I’m involved in, which has kept us connected and engaged with one another. Now to find a way to work around the time zone differences to be able to play games together.

j nicole93

j nicile93 in glasses with a headset onRegarding – XA JJKILLERS

We met because he was a moderator for a partnered channel that raided me on mixer. Because he was an Xbox Ambassador, he was very knowledgeable and would often help me understand Xbox and Microsoft products/software. I literally would ask a question during my stream and he would come from out of nowhere with a solution and even encouraged me to become an ambassador as well since I loved learning and helping others. He became my moderator as well and has hung around ever since!

We talk on Twitter and communication service alot . Honestly our love of Xbox, gaming, and Minecraft keep our friendship strong . Plus he is really just a great person who loves to help out others. He also understands my not so funny jokes! Really great friend! Hopefully we are able to hang out during conventions when they start back up again.


Blue spider with electricity bolts on a red backgroundMet him on Rocket League, after beating him in one v. one. There was some task talk, but in a light heated manner. Normally back then, when I first joined the Ambassadors program, I was more hesitant to join people I didn’t know in real life. He asked if I wanted to join him & play as a team. Remembering the things that the Ambassadors program taught to is members about being inclusive to others, I decided to give it a shot. If it wasn’t for the Ambassadors program, I don’t think I would’ve responded to his invite to team up.

We played together for a few years at least 4-5 times a week, then he and his girl got pregnant & has since had a kid. His life has gotten busy with a child & work, & honestly I have not been able to play with him in around 9 months, none the less, we keep in touch via the chat within Xbox, text messages, etc. This really good friend of mine, whom is half my age, in another country, & whom I never have met in person, I love as a brother.

Pandy Yato

Close up of Pandy wearing glasses and smilingChoppyseize was one of the first Ambassadors I gamed with and I very quickly became fond of him, not only for his kindness and wit but also for his integrity, he is unashamedly himself and has a strength of character that has to be admired, leading me to sometimes joke “don’t just seize the day, Choppyseize the day” as I wish to have the same inner strength and sense of adventure he does.

We talk constantly through our dms, timezone differences means we haven’t gamed in a while but his constant conversation, jokes and yes calling me a “dweeb” are so important to me. He has been a constant source of support when I have needed it the most and I can only hope he realises just how precious his friendship is to me and just how much I have valued the past three years of knowing him.


We hope you enjoyed reading through these stories! If you submitted a story and it wasn’t shared, we’re sorry we couldn’t select them all! We loved reading the submissions and we hope you and your friends have many happy gaming memories to come 🙂


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