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Help make Xbox safe for everyone

If you’re a gamer, you may have experienced toxicity in one form or another both on and off the console. Xbox is laser-focused on improving these experiences and is committed to making Xbox a safe and fun place for all gamers, at all levels.

Enter, Xbox Ambassadors.

This group is filled with positivity and gamers who, like Xbox, want it to be safe and fun for themselves, their loved ones, and their fellow gamers. Today, we’re launching a series of safety-related missions that will educate and empower Ambassadors to truly have a positive impact on the community we all know and love.

Making Xbox safe

If you’ve been active in the Xbox Ambassadors program over the last few months, you’ve probably heard or seen us say, “Let’s make gaming fun for everyone.” To truly make Xbox a place where every single gamer feels welcome and has fun, the fundamental principle of safety is imperative to the Xbox experience.

“Gaming must be a safe environment. Creating community is shared work, and protecting community is essential work, so, we all carry part of the payload of community safety – game industry and gamers alike.” – Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox

How Ambassadors can join the fight against toxicity

Features like family settings and blocking are a couple examples of how Xbox is helping to keep all gamers safe. But, did you know simply adding friends or “liking” a post can also help keep gamers safe? By creating a positive environment on Xbox Live, we can begin to shift the toxic gaming culture to one in which everyone has fun.

  1. Learn – When new safety-related missions become available on the Xbox Ambassadors website, complete them. They are aimed to educate Ambassadors on different features and philosophies that will help make Xbox safe for all gamers.
  2. Embrace – Once you have completed these missions, you can use what you learned in your own gaming experiences. Start friending other gamers, use family settings, be a positive force in the community!
  3. Amplify – Share these practices with your children, family, friends, and fellow gamers. Take your good vibes and spread them all across your Xbox network. This is where we will begin to see a positive shift in the community.

If you’re ever in doubt about how you can help make Xbox a positive place, just remember the Platinum Rule—treat others how they want to be treated.

“A welcoming community is the key to a safe community, so our 150,000 Xbox Ambassadors – community leaders, stewards, and allies – will be engaged to embark on new community missions to help create an inviting and safe environment for all gamers.” – Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox

What does safety mean to you?

Is this a topic of conversation that is important to you? Tell us about it! We want to hear your stories about what safety means to you and what actions you take as a gamer to combat toxicity.

Have a story to tell? Comment below or share it on Twitter using #XboxAmbassadors!


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