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Hello, Season 14—First 30 days

Woah! Season 14 has kicked off with a magical flurry (picture Elsa showing off with her magical snow powers … jk lol), and we could not be more excited. We want to let you know what you can expect from the program within the first 30 days of Season 14, but first, let’s recap what happened in the last 30 days of Season 13, and touch on all the fun we had in our Season 14 intro stream. If you couldn’t catch the full stream, we got you covered.

Last 30 days of Season 13

Season 13 was full of information and, as always, Xbox Ambassadors are continuing to positively impact the Xbox community while finding even more ways to bring more connectivity to Xbox.

Gaming for everyone interview—the interview highlights how Xbox is working toward being an inclusive, welcoming, and safe place to play for all. Guess who’s at the forefront of that mission? You and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors. We’re happy to hear that the message resonated with most Ambassadors! If you haven’t yet, make sure to watch the whole interview here.

Sea of Thieves anniversary—we’re stoked we could celebrate the one-year anniversary of Sea of Thieves. To celebrate, Mister Rezzee wrote an awesome blog that showcased a captain held captive and community sentiment, so make sure to read all about it.

PAX East—your Community Managers had an *amazing* time at PAX East held in Boston, MA and they were so happy they could meet some of you in person. If you couldn’t make it to PAX East, we had a PAX East-themed mission where you could unlock sweepstakes tickets. You can use those sweepstakes tickets on a PAX East sweepstakes that will be live soon—so be on the lookout. That way, you have a chance to get all the PAX East swag from home. We will also be writing a recap blog, and trust us, it’ll be good. Stay tuned!


First 30 days of Season 14

Here is what you can expect from the program within the first 30 days of Season 14, and always, we would love to know your feedback.

100,000 Ambassadors—say whaaa?! That’s right, within the first 30 days of Season 14, we will hit 100,000 Ambassadors. Seriously, wow. We’re so happy to see our community grow with amazing Xbox gamers who are beyond passionate for this community and Xbox. Here, we want all to feel welcomed and empowered to make gaming fun for others in their own way. So, let’s keep it going—congrats to you—and thanks to all who are here with us.

Accessibility missions—we will soon be launching accessibility missions, but first, you’ll notice some communications coming from us before these missions start. You’ll receive an email from the Xbox Ambassadors Team asking you and your fellow Ambassadors to take a survey about what you may already know about Xbox accessibility features. Don’t worry, there’s no right or wrong answer—this will inform your team what additional resources we can offer to Ambassadors.

As an Xbox Ambassador, we want you to feel empowered to increase your knowledge on Xbox accessibility features through program-related activities so that you can pass on that knowledge. When everybody plays, we all win.

Social media assets—we’re working with our oh-so talented design team to bring you more social media assets and to give you more variety of showing off your Ambassador colors on your most-used social platforms. Not using any Ambassador-branded social media assets? Check them out here.

Season 14 intro stream goodness

Your Xbox Ambassadors Team had a magical Season 14 intro stream. We recapped awesome things that happened in Season 13, Mister Teal and Mister Sconnie showed off the Season 13 coin and played Gang Beasts, Mister Sconnie was forced to wave magic fingers (it was in the agenda!), the CMs talked about PAX East (try grilled cheese with honey), and Miss JSP had an important announcement for you.

If you couldn’t watch the whole stream, make sure to catch up on all the fun.

Season 14 intro stream

Hello, Season 14

Season 14’s theme is magic, so we hope this season is magical, but with a community like ours, how can it not be?! Thank you to all Ambassadors who continue to make Xbox the best place to play. If you have any feedback, questions, Ambassador of the month nominations, or literally anything else, make sure to let your CM know.


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