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Happy birthday, Sea of Thieves

A captain held captive

Ahoy there! I know what you’re thinking. This ship is doomed to join Davey Jones soon, but I reckon we have some time yet aboard this coffin before she sinks to the bottom o’ the sea. I’m a ship-half-full kind of captain. Or I was a captain, before my crew carried out a mutiny, stuck me here in the brig, and made off with the treasure that was supposed to make us rich. You know what we still have though? A barrel full o’ grog! I made sure the shipwright nailed that to the floor when we had it installed below deck. Why don’t you grab yourselves a tankard and let a former captain regale you with tales from the Sea of Thieves before he goes down with his ship?

Tales from our community

The sea is ancient, timeless, older than the first crew to sail these waters. One year old, to be exact. I’ve heard stories of danger, daring acts of piracy, close encounters with monsters of the abyss, and friendships that no storm could separate.

“I have a growing fear of the gunpowder barrels because anytime I play, I am either chased by skeletons carrying one, or @Its_LCGaming & @bulletkenny kill me with one. The fear is real.”—@PandyYato

Animated skeleton with a sword

“I loved playing with my co-worker and his son. His son was so eager when we saw land, he’d blast himself [from a cannon] long before we were close, then we’d sail past him and make land fall long before he ever got there. We kept telling him to wait until we were closer! #YouthfulExuberance”—@TriDawg_Xboxin-game-ship-sailing-into-sunset



“My crew and I often just joke around, ride Megalodons, and hunt the rarest of the rare Megs.”—@vamparicmale

a gamer riding megs in Sea of Thieves

“There’s a video of me and a friend puking on each other because we had too much grog. But I think my favorite moment was when @herbalremides decided to jump from the Crow’s Nest during full sail, rather than climb down the ladder!”—@SammieChaos

an island with palm trees and a hut

“One time, I was playing with @Its_LCGaming and every time we were heading to an outpost, something bad happened. We were sunk by a Kraken, a Megalodon, a skeleton ship, AND other pirates! We didn’t earn any gold that night, but it was definitely something to laugh about!”—@CamicaziBoss


“My little brother is not only one of my best friends, but also the most important part of my pirate crew. He usually is on the lookout from the Crow’s Nest or boarding the enemy ship ready to blast them to infinity! Playing video games together is one of our favorite things. ”—@csolisgalindo

Two gaming characters in resting in a boat

Arrrr, matey

The waters are rising, and the grog is running low. Put those buckets away, mates. This captain has seen his fair share of buried treasure, otherworldly adversaries, and treacherous waters engulfed in fire. Won’t you do an old adventurer a favor before you go? Be sure to spread the tales you’ve heard here across the Sea of Thieves and embark on adventures epic enough to be featured amongst them. Today is meant to be a day of celebration – one year since we started seeking adventure, singing shanties, and putting skeletons back to rest. Return to your ship, and I’ll be sure to bring the Ferryman a barrel of birthday grog.

Do you have a tale worthy of being retold beneath the stars? Put it in a bottle and send it off below! Happy birthday, Sea of Thieves! 


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