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Game strong and game on—tips from parents of young gamers

We are Xbox Ambassadors—we’re gamers, we’re poets, we’re athletes, and well … some of us are parents. Parents who are also avid gamers usually get their children into gaming early on (*mischievous tone* yes, yesss, grow that gaming love). Parents who foster their child’s love for video games have their own tips and tricks about how to promote healthy gaming habits for their youngsters. So, take a moment to learn some quick and easy tips from fellow Ambassador parents. Let’s keep growing that love for video games in the best ways possible!

From parents just like you

Mister Erkel

As a husband, a parent, and a gamer, it is important for me and my kids to develop healthy and safe habits while gaming. We want a fun, safe and healthy environment for our children to game, so here are a few things that I do as a parent.

  • I talk with my children: just like school, I ask them how gaming is going. If they were playing online with others, ask who they were playing/talking with. A general rule I have is, you can play with people I know or know of. If not, I like to be able to reach out to them and get to know them.
  • If possible, connect with the parents: I happen to have a good relationship with most of the kids my son plays with online. I like knowing the parents of the kids my kids are playing with.

Gaming online and locally with friends and family is fun. If we consider these few precautions, we can help foster a fun, safe, and healthy environment for ourselves as parents and our children play on Xbox!


I have two little ones, but only one of them is old enough to play video games. When my daughter gets a little older I’ll definitely let them play together. Here are some tips and tricks I have as a parent of a young gamer.

  • Set time limits: my son gets a maximum of 15 to 30 minutes right now, but only after his school work is done, and if he has a good attitude for a set number of days in a row. It’s definitely a reward!
  • I play with him: my son and I love to play Minecraft and other couch co-op games. Some other games we play together include Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, IDARB, and many LEGO games in my collection.


I have five children that are 22, 20 (x2), 15, and 8 years of age; however, only my oldest and youngest are into gaming. My sister lives next to me and I have three nephews that are around the same ages as my youngest daughter, and they play daily, and it’s been a blessing! Here are some tips and tricks I have as a parent of a young gamers.

  • We attend Microsoft events: I always include my little girl, so she can also meet other gamers outside of the digital space. We play games that promote giggles. Doesn’t matter what you are playing, you have to make it fun and funny, so they learn not to take it so seriously.
  • Power-up gaming snacks: 90 percent of the time my little girl is snacking while playing games. She likes to eat grapes, apple slices, or baby carrots.

Share your tips and tricks

Many parents have different ways of fostering a child’s love for video games. If you’re a parent, how do you share your love for gaming with your child? Comment your best tips and tricks below!


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