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Forums Activity Update: June 2019

Forums activity update: June 2019 

Beginning with the release of the Tips from Alpha Ambassadors: Forums blog post, followed by the recent updates to the Xbox Forums section of the Ambassador Handbook, we have increased our efforts to improve the quality of the Forums experience for Ambassadors and other Xbox gamers. Today, we’d like to announce the next step – The Forums Starter Mission.

This new mission will launch on July 1st and will be a requirement for all Ambassadors, both new and existing, that wish to unlock XP through Forums activities. Additionally, Ambassadors must complete this Mission to receive an “Xbox Ambassador” Microsoft Community forums badge as well as access to the Xbox Ambassador forum (private category).

Existing Ambassadors that joined the Xbox Ambassador program before July 1st and wish to continue to unlock rewards for participating in Forums activities, must complete the Forums Starter Mission by July 15th. Existing Ambassadors who have not completed the Forums Starter Mission by July 15th will not be able to unlock XP for participating in Forums activities, will have the “Xbox Ambassador” Microsoft Community badge removed, and will lose access to the Xbox Ambassador forum until completion of the Forums Starter Mission.

The Forums Starter Mission includes 4 quizzes that were specifically designed to provide you with all the information you will need to know before participating in Forum activities. We believe that this Mission is the next step to not only help Ambassadors have a better Forums experience, but it will also help Ambassadors create a positive experience for their fellow gamers within the Xbox Forums.

Below you will find the Forums Starter Mission FAQ, which includes the details of this update:

Which quizzes are featured in the Forums Starter Mission?

Four new quizzes will be featured in the Forums Starter Mission. The following quizzes are designed to provide you with the ins and outs of participating in Forum activities. Additionally, these quizzes will help improve your Forums experience as well as help you provide a better experience for others:

  • Xbox Ambassadors on the Forums: This quiz includes all the basics you will need to know before jumping into the Xbox Forums and is essential to understanding how the Forums work.
  • Forum Etiquette: The Forum Etiquette quiz is designed to help improve Ambassador interaction within the Xbox Forums and features questions involving the dos and don’ts of Forum activities.
  • Question Threads: If you’re looking to share your Xbox knowledge on the Forums with other gamers, this is the quiz for you!
  • Discussion Threads: Want to start a discussion or join in on an existing discussion? This quiz includes questions designed to help you make the most out of your Xbox related discussions.

Are all Ambassadors required to complete the Forums Starter Mission?

All Ambassadors who wish to get XP for participating in Forums activities must complete the Forums Starter Mission before XP can be unlocked. Upon completion of the Mission, Ambassadors will also be granted the “Xbox Ambassador” forums badge and access to the Xbox Ambassador forum.

I’ve been an Xbox Ambassador for years; do I still have to complete the Xbox Forum Starter Mission to earn XP?

Existing Ambassadors who wish to continue to get XP for participating in Forums activities must complete the Forums Starter Mission by July 15th to retain the “Xbox Ambassador” forums badge, access to the Xbox Ambassador forum and the ability unlock XP for Forums activities.

I didn’t complete the Forums Starter Mission by July 15th and have done some Forum activities; can I still be rewarded for the activities once I complete the Mission?

No, XP will not be rewarded retroactively. If you haven’t completed the Forums Starter Mission by July 15th, any activities completed will not award XP.

I’m not interested in participating in Forum activities, am I still required to complete the Forums Starter Mission?

Only Ambassadors who wish to participate in Forums activities to get XP are required to complete the Forums Starter Mission. Keep in mind, the “Xbox Ambassador” forums badge and access to the Xbox Ambassador forum will only be granted upon completion of the Forums Starter Mission.

Over the years Ambassadors have played a pivotal role in the evolution of the Xbox Forums and have continued to have an enormous impact on the community. As our journey continues, we must remember that participating in Forum activities isn’t just about earning rewards. It’s about connecting with other gamers. Whether offering help, sharing information or discussing the latest Xbox games, our goal is to increase positive experiences and improve the connections within the Xbox Forums community.

We’ll be providing additional communication once this Mission goes live on July 1st, so stay tuned for updates! If you have any questions or thoughts regarding this change, please feel free to reach out to your Community Manager or email us at @xboxambs@microsoft.com. As always, your feedback is always welcome and is sincerely appreciated.


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