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Adventure is closer than you think

Are you ready for an epic summer, Ambassadors? Summer has always been a time to get out and explore the world around us—that’s why Season 23 is the Season of the Explorer! Some of you may recognize our sleepy feline friend from Season 21 (Season of the Dreamer). Now awake, Space Cat is ready to have some fun! To kick things off, we are challenging Ambassadors with #XAScavengerHunt. Keep an eye on the Missions page for instructions and special missions throughout the month of July.

We also have some updates coming throughout the season. Explore changes to the Sweepstakes page, Missions page, Dashboard and Report a Bug page throughout the season. Be sure to keep an eye on your inboxes too, as Ambassadors will start receiving more personalized emails!

XA Sweepstakes for Down in Bermuda. Text reads: Down in Bermuda, 15 winners, $19.99 value, July 1 through July 11. Overcome creatures of the deep and unravel the islands secrets in search for a way back home. Your entries with a ticket symbol. Add tickets, with option to Submit a number of tickets. There is a cartoon of an old man with a hiking pack, looking out at some islands and a plane falling from the sky. The old man's back is turned.

The item titles on the Sweepstakes page are now hyperlinked, so you can go directly to the Microsoft Store to check if the game/item is available in your region and for your device. 

Our Missions, Dashboard, and Report a Bug pages will be going through their updates later on in the season. Join our Discord so you can stay up to date with all the new things! 

Grey bar almost completely filled with green from the left side. Text reads: Next tier, bronze. 230 out of 275 XP.

Speaking of keeping up to date, Ambassadors will now receive emails when they unlock a new tier. These emails will inform Ambassadors what rewards they unlocked along with each tier they reach. (To be completely honest, we also want to send these emails because it’s not as much fun to only celebrate at the end of the season.)

Journey down memory lane

Sometimes, it’s fun to take an adventure down memory lane. Yes, June was just last month, BUT a lot of cool stuff happened. Go on Twitter and look at all the great stuff Ambassadors have been doing in 2021 (#XAYearBook). If you like cool things, you’ll also want to watch the VOD (or highlight reel) of oOGingerAleOo’s special The Elder Scrolls Online stream with MissRae.

Giant stone monster with four arms climbs over a mountain on the right. The left has text reading: The Elder scrolls online. Enter the gates of oblivion. Starting soon - highlighted in red - oO Gingerale Oo with the ambassador logo under her name.

They were joined by over a hundred viewers and two developers who helped create and build the world of Blackwood! 

Don’t miss out on memories, fam. Be sure to follow us on social media—including Twitch and YouTube.


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