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First 30 Days of Season 22

We have a winner…

Cortana, play drumroll_1.mp3. 

And the winning game of the first ever Xbox Ambassadors March Radness is: Halo!


Congratulations!! Out of 18,117 votes Halo received 1,827. There were some close calls and some landslides, but in the end Master Chief took home the win.

What’s new for Season 22

Now that #XAMarchRadness has come to an end, it is time for April’s #AmbySmiles challenge! Throughout April, keep an eye out for missions to participate in, discussion threads, and more.

Animated Xbox controller catching achievements from an Xbox tree.

We also have a few changes to the program this season, including new rewards and tier requirements.


  • Bronze: Digital pin on Xbox Ambassador profile + downloadable pin 
  • Silver: Digital assets, including phone wallpapers 
  • Gold: XA Sweepstakes tickets 
  • Platinum: XA Sweepstakes tickets + downloadable 24”x18” poster
  • Diamond: 1-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code 

Tier Thresholds 

  • Bronze: 275 XP 
  • Silver: 1,000 XP 
  • Gold: 3,000 XP
  • Platinum: 10,000 XP 
  • Diamond: 20,000 XP

The reason we are changing things up is because we are also adding more missions. Starting in Season 22, there will be a new section of Xbox Insider Missions. These missions will guide Ambassadors through how to become an Xbox Insider, who the Xbox Insiders are and what they do, as well as introduce Ambassadors to another community of gamers who love Xbox and the Xbox community.

On theme

With so many new things there will be lots to learn. What better theme for this season than the character archetype of the Sage?

Three cartoon owls - one in the middle is older and holds a magic book - in a library.

The Season of the Sage

If you haven’t already, go check out our website to see the new theme. As you progress through each tier, your profile banner will also updateAnd don’t forget to show your Xbox Ambassador pride by decking out your social media profile pages and Xbox Gamer Picture when you unlock Bronze and Silver tier!

Does this green make us look cool or really cool?

Goodnight, Season 21. Help us bid farewell to the Season of the Dreamer by telling us how we did. Our end of season survey will now be a mission. Level 1 and up Xbox Ambassadors will have two weeks to complete the survey.

Please note that we want your honest feedback, and the survey is still anonymous.

Keep the conversation going

On the topic of talking to us, we love to hear from all of you in general! For the past couple of seasons now, Ambassadors have been sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in Contribute to the Conversation Missions. While we as staff have fun brainstorming things for you all to talk about, we would love to get some more ideas from all of you too. 

So, what do you want to talk about? What would you like to hear from other Ambassadors? Let us know by posting your topic ideas to this thread.