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First 30 Days of Season 16

We have Season 16 announcements for you, Xbox Ambassadors!

There are updates on the upcoming Friending and GG missions, opportunities to write for the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog, a Destiny 2 Playdate, and OH MY GOOSE we hit over 250K Ambassadors!

New Xbox Live activity update

The Friending and GG missions we’ve been hinting at are still in the works . Yes, we know it’s been “in the works” for a while. Wasn’t it Mr. Miyamoto who maybe probably said, “A delayed mission is eventually good, a bad mission is bad…and would need fixing,”. I’m sure that’s exactly what he said. On a serious note, know that our goal is to release it once we feel confident it can meet your Ambassador standards. It isn’t quite at that point yet, and so we are continuing to tinker.

A picture of Miyamoto referencing the Xbox Ambassadors

A delayed mission is eventually good, a bad mission is bad and we’d have to fix it. Miyamoto probably

Submit your original content to the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog

We are always looking to expand your influence within the Xbox Ambassador’s community, and so we are opening the blogger gates! You can now submit your written content to be featured on this very blog site you’re on right now. Have a story just waiting to be told? Do you have an idea that’s so wild it just might work? Visit this page to submit your content. We can’t wait to see what you have to say 😊.

We started work on the Rewards page

It’s been a long time coming, and we now have begun work on fixing the rewards page. It’s true! Soon, Ambassadors will be able to see their unlocked rewards and claim them straight from the website. We’ll be keeping you up to date on progress and features as they develop.

The next Xbox Ambassadors Playdate!

We hear the Moon’s haunted….by Ambassadors on October 20th! Join us for a Destiny 2 Playdate October 20th at 9:30 AM PST and celebrate Destiny 2 going free to play! We’ll be introducing Ambassadors to New Light. “New Light” is designed to get Destiny 2 players into tip top Guardian shape in under 30 minutes. No matter your Destiny skill level or play preference, we got ya’ fam. Come join us and be cooperative, competitively cooperative, or purely competitive, as we’ll be doing it all! Also….giveaways!

Moon is haunted comic strip

And finally,…drum roll please, drdrdrdrddrdrdr

Oh my goose—we hit 250k Xbox Ambassadors!

There are a lot of us, and no signs of that growth stopping. This milestone caught us by surprise, so our feet are certainly flat. If you have ideas how we could celebrate our next milestones, let your CM know! We’ll look at them and discuss how to celebrate our future numbers.


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