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Community Playdate October 20th – Destiny 2

Hey Xbox Ambassadors! Our next community Playdate is coming up on October 20th and it’s going to be Destiny 2! It’s now a free-to-play title, so come join the fun. You don’t need a DLC to play, just come with the game ready. We’ll be grouping up for Strike, Crucible, and Gambit! Read up on all the details below!

The Details

  • Who: You and whichever friends and family you’d like to invite!
  • What: Xbox Ambassadors Community Playdate – Destiny 2!
  • When: Sunday, October 20th from 930AM – 1230PM Pacific time.
  • Where (to watch): https://mixer.com/XboxAmbassadors
  • Why (we do these): to get as many Ambassadors and other Xbox gamers together as we can, playing games together and having a great time!
  • How (to sign up): leave your Gamertag, the number of guests (if any) you expect to bring with you, and what game mode you’d like to start on at this Signup Form.

Destiny 2

You’re signed up – now what?

  • Discuss: you can talk to other Ambassadors about how excited you are in Discord on the subchannel #xa_community_playdates. This will be stood up closer to the playdate.
  • Prepare: you can install Destiny 2 on your Xbox and check for updates to be sure you’re ready for the event!
  • Spread the Word: You can invite your family and friends to join us – the more the merrier!


What to do the day of the Play Date (October 20th 2019)

  • Tell us when you’re ready: drop into #xa_community_playdates in the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server to let us know you and your group are here and ready to play!
  • Squad up: As a general rule, family/friends/guests will stay with the Ambassador who invited them. Staff will mix and match everyone who tells us they’re ready – the goal is to get new teams of Ambassadors together who haven’t played with each other before so we all meet some new friends.
  • Play Nice: Playdates let Ambassadors game with new people and to make new friends. Let’s all have a good time, build each other up, and add some friends on Xbox when we hit it off!
  • Show off: Don’t forget to capture awesome clips and snapshots to share with the hashtag #XAPlaydates!

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