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Boom—BlueTiger has arrived

Welcome to the team

BlueTiger joins us as a communications expert and brings years of experience to the Xbox Ambassadors team. She is eager to provide more streamlined communications among the team and find more ways to help build up and empower our community. Take a moment to learn more about BlueTiger.

Xbox Avatar jumping in the air

Hi everyone, I’m Anika aka BlueTiger! I am very excited to be part of the Xbox Ambassadors team and look forward to getting to know each one of you. Some fun facts about me—I enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors, and cooking. I recently traveled to Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam in a 16-day back-packing adventure and I am in the midst of planning my next trip to Greece. Not only do I love international travel, I also enjoy exploring the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. My ideal summer includes hiking (urban and nature) and camping. If you live in this region and have a trail or campground recommendation—I’m all ears. Also, eating is great. Not only do I enjoy eating food (duh—who doesn’t?), I enjoy making it. If I had to pick one type of cuisine that I like to prepare the most, it would be Italian.

If you have any questions or have blog/social media ideas, feel free to ping me on Discord. I’m interested in learning about what you would like to see from us in this community.

Until next time,


If you have any questions you’d like to ask BlueTiger or just want to say hello, make sure to comment below or ping her in Discord.


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