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Ambassadors of the month—members of PGTG

We weren’t fibbing when we said that Ambassador of the month was going to be awesome. And we’re happy to announce that, well, a few Ambassadors deserved that title this month. August’s Ambassador(s) of the month is dedicated to members of Parental Guidance to Gaming (PGTG)—ONI Assassin, Edocsil 2020, and DHARMtheJACKAL.

PGTG is a group of seven passionate Xbox gamers, three of which are Xbox Ambassadors. Together, they strive to find the best ways to educate parents of young gamers and help protect children who may be exposed to underage gaming. PGTG has been together since November 2016 and their goals are honorable.

Their mission is their passion

“PGTG was originally started on Nov. 3, 2016 while a group of friends were waiting in line at a game store for the midnight launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It was while waiting in line on that cold Thursday night that we noticed a mother behind us with a child who couldn’t have been older than 10.  As midnight approached, we were quite surprised to hear some less than appealing language coming from the child. As the night went on, it occurred to us that we could hear even more underage voices at the launch of Call of Duty, and that potentially the behavior we witnessed would continue.

We agreed that the cause of this was two-fold, first—and most importantly—is the lack of education available to parents so they know and understand what their children are playing and what games their children can get access to. The second is the need for legislation reform. We think that there needs to be legislation which enforces the PEGI system stronger. It was at this point on that cold Thursday night that we agreed we could potentially get Microsoft or Xbox to help us design and deliver a course for parents to provide that education.

Our mission is simple: to educate parents and to reduce the damage done to children being exposed to underage gaming by creating an evolving program which empowers parents to keep their children safe.”

One goal in mind

The members of PGTG are working hard to make their mission known and provide parents with the best education on underage gaming. Their latest goal is to attend Insomnia UK, the United Kingdom’s biggest gaming festival, this August as well as Spring 2019 to spread the word about Xbox Ambassadors, what Ambassadors do, and how Ambassadors impact the Xbox community. They also plan on handing out URL/QR codes with a link to an online survey, which will help them identify how many adults and/or parents are wanting to attend the Insomnia UK summer session next year in 2019.

The goal for the 2019 summer session of Insomnia UK is to have Xbox represented with a booth on the expo floor and the members of PGTG are working to get space to deliver a presentation while children get to play some of the age-related ID games from Xbox. This is to spread the word of PGTG, their mission, and the importance of children playing age-appropriate games and educating parents what kinds of games are out there while giving robust tutorials.

About the members

Out of the total seven members of PGTG, three of them are amazing Xbox Ambassadors.

ONI Assassin

Edocsil 2020


At the moment, two of the three Ambassadors are parents themselves, who both have two children, and the third Ambassador is known as “Uncle Ryan” to many family members and friends. Many of PGTG’s supporters are also parents. So, when asked if they have any tips and tricks that they do for their own children or would recommend to other parents of gamers, they said:

  • Bind your child’s account to your account—this provides great reporting for both Windows 10 and Xbox.
  • Assign an age to your child’s account, so regardless of where the game comes from, like at a friend’s house, the child can’t play a certain maturity-rated game.
  • Gaming should be done in moderation and timed sessions to reduce over stimulation, desensitization, etc.
  • Play games with your child, sharing in a story or helping them problem solve a puzzle can be great bonding time and helps improve your own relaxation too.

Want to learn more tips and tricks from parents just like you? Your Xbox Ambassador Team developed a blog highlighting parent Ambassadors and what they do to foster their child’s love for gaming in healthy ways. Read more here.

Show your support

PGTG has ways to connect with them if you’d like to ask questions or show your support.



@PGTG117 (unpublished)

More dancing

PGTG has decided that they’d love their fave Xbox Ambassador Team member, Mister Taxel, to dance on stream! The stream will happen during August and don’t worry, we will make sure to let all Ambassadors know when this stream is once it’s scheduled.

Our community is filled with awesome

Let’s take a moment to applaud ONI Assassin, Edocsil 2020, and DHARMtheJACKAL, plus the other members of PGTG. Their passion to ensure that parents are educated and protected, as well as highlighting the protection of children with so many graphic games coming out, is one to be proud of—we’re proud to dedicate this Ambassador of the month to PGTG. It can be easy to think a game is just a game, but sometimes games can be more than that for some. It’s important to stay safe, and PGTG is doing their part in making Xbox the best and safest place to play.

*PEGI: Pan European Game Information is a European video game content rating system established to help European consumers make informed decisions when buying video games or apps through the use of age recommendations and content descriptors.


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