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Ambassador of the Month – RogueLitePAC!

Autumn leaves will be blowing in, and so brings our new Ambassador of the Month for September – RogueLitePAC! Don’t let the tonguetwisting name fool you, he’s anything but difficult! With his grass is always greener mantra, RogueLitePAC is a bright light shining in the Xbox Ambassadors program. Get to know a bit more about him below: 


Tell us the story of how gaming became something you’re passionate about.
Gaming is something I’ve enjoyed since early childhood. I have some early memories of playing with an NES console at my grandparent’s house, Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. But I really got hooked as I grew up. To this day, my mom regrets buying my brother and I an N64 console and my brother has a running joke that I saved him from a life of video game addiction since I was a recalcitrant child when it came to sharing a controller 😝 I’ve since tempered my hesitancy with sharing and opted for MP or split screen experiences. 

How do you share your love of gaming with those around you?
Haha well…we can at least acknowledge that I’ve grown in regards to sharing. I look at co-operative gaming as the best way to share the experience with friends and family. My wife of nearly 2 years has a casual inclination to gaming but I got her hooked on Borderlands 2 back when it launched in 2012. We have sunk countless hours into the game, its expansions and the Pre-Sequel. With the impending launch Borderlands 3, we are both bursting with excitement. My oldest nephew, who’s 9, is an Xbox fan as well and he can’t stop telling me the stats of all the cars in his Forza Horizon 3 garage. I often talk with him about all the cool games he’ll have to try on Game Pass. We played Human Fall Flat together and that was a blast. 

What are some positive ways you contribute to communities?
I’ve looked at the Xbox Ambassadors and the CMs (past and present) as the standard-bearers for how to help create and maintain what we know and love as the Xbox Community. I am eager to help offer some advice for troubleshooting or help in someone’s effort with tacking a given challenge in-game. When I’m offline, I practice medicine as a Physician Assistant. Working in healthcare is a regular contribution to my immediate community and it’s extremely rewarding to help someone in the healing process. 

What do you think is a problem for the gaming community, and how do you think it could be addressed?
The most immediate problem for the gaming community would arguably be the media blaming videogames as an inciting factor when it comes to violence in our society. This brief interview with Rod Breslau helps to clear the misconception. https://twitter.com/Slasher/status/1158468067648823296 I truly couldn’t begin to answer how this could be addressed further but I can at least suggest that consumers and parents of consumers adhere to ESRB guidelines when it comes to your gaming choices.  

How was your experience filming the Ambassadors video?
*hums with excitement* Ahhh that was easily a highlight of my life! It was surreal getting to meet some of my Xbox friends for the first time. Pyrosplayhouse continues to be one of the nicest friends I’ll have the pleasure of knowing. I was all smiles while visiting Xbox headquarters and shooting that video WITH Phil Spencer. It’s awesome to think that I was blessed with the opportunity to help represent the Ambassadors on such a large scale. I still get a little buzz when I look at the signed (and framed) photo the team hooked me up with.  

What are some things you like to do outside of gaming?
Outside of gaming, my wife and I love to hike around the beautiful state of Washington. Some may call me crazy for leaving the beaches of Florida, but the PNW is breathtaking. We also try to cruise at least once a year. Earlier this year we visited Hawaii and last month we visited the Western Mediterranean   

You moved across the country, how is this experience so far?
To elaborate on our escape from Florida, we have been loving our time here so far. We both have a fantastic work/life balance and have no regrets at all. It’s been nearly 2 years now! Sadly, we did recently say goodbye to our sweetheart Luna who blessed us with 10 amazing years. We moved into our first townhome 3 months ago and the space… ahh the space. As I’m writing this, I realize that I should be assembling the new entertainment center that just arrived

Is there something you’d like to share with the community? Go for it!
Just want to extend my humble gratitude towards whomever nominated me and the Amby CMs that gave me the opportunity to share a bit about me. Cheers!

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