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Ambassador of the month—AngelObullets

September’s Ambassador of the month is dedicated to an Ambassador we all know and love, a gamer who is all about the inclusion of others and accepts everyone for exactly who they are—AngelObullets!  

AngelObullets has been an Xbox Ambassador since August of 2014 and has been an active member since day one.  

AngelObullets was nominated as an Ambassador of the month for many reasons, like his inclusive nature and compassionate personality. One activity that AngelObullets does is moderate the Xbox Ambassador Club. He is always there ensuring that new gamers are welcomed in the club and that the club stays a safe place for any gamer who wishes to join. Sometimes moderation of the club can be a thankless activity, and we want all moderators to know, no matter what channel you’re moderating, that your connectivity is so great. You are what makes Xbox the best place to play.  

AngelObullets is also very passionate about ensuring the Xbox Ambassador Team knows when something is not up to standard, and always presents these findings or issues to the team in a respectful manner that only aids in our own success.  

Learn more about AngelObullets  

We’ve opted for the classic Q&A fashion to show off AngelObullets and his awesomeness, so take a moment to learn more about him.  



What’s your favorite part about being an Xbox Ambassador?  

My favorite part is connecting with gamers and having a laugh with the community of Ambassadors and players alike. Having gamers feel like they’re taken care of and enjoying the games. I like passing along ideas to fellow gamers—that brings me happiness, like sound quality. Those are the parts of gaming that I enjoy the most, so I love passing along information to other gamers.  

What is your favorite game of all time (any platform)? What kind of memories/feelings does it give you?  

Some of my favorite games include Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and all Zelda games. These games are my favorite because of the immersive stories. 


Lost Odyssey 

What are some of your other hobbies that you like to do?  

Some of my hobbies include electronic circuit building, coding, and PC building. I try and use the knowledge I learn from my hobbies to try and help fellow gamers as an Ambassador to improve their quality of gaming.    

Ambassadors claim that your compassion is beyond anyone else. Tell us what are you most passionate about? Mental wellbeing in gamers, accessibility, etc.?   

I personally care strongly about the gamers who are disabled since I have been a care giver since a very young age. Plus, I am always in support and passionate about the mental wellbeing of gamers. I love communities that come together to connect and support each other with any situation, technical, or personal.  

Tell us anything you like about you that you’d want the community to know.  

To any gamer who is wanting to join the Xbox Ambassador community, please do! The more connections you make within the community, the more gamers you will come across all around the world and you can find ways to bring one another joy. You don’t have to be a gamer who hides in the background, you matter, and your connection with other gamers through the Ambassador community will make so much of an impact.  

Become part of one of the best gaming communities you’ll ever find, become an Xbox Ambassador today and connect to the biggest fans of Xbox, just like you. 


Dad jokes 

AngelObullets has opted to have Mister Taxel on stream, but here’s the kicker, Mister Taxel will be performing a plethora of silly dad jokes and puns (Taxel’s favorite). So, you can only imagine how amazingly horrible this stream is going to be—and by amazingly horribly, we mean just plain amazing. We will let you know once the stream is scheduled.  

Congrats to AngelObullets for being Ambassador of the month for September! Our community is pretty amazing for being filled with such passionate Xbox gamers. Thank you to AngelObullets and all Xbox Ambassadors who are more than just everyday gamers and who make Xbox the best place to play.  


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