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A challenge awaits you—let’s bust out the memes

Ahh, memes. We all know ‘em, we all love ‘em … sometimes. So, much like our photo challenge, we have a super new, super epic, super fun meme-creation challenge. Memes have an incredible way of conveying a theme or meaning that all of us have understood at one point or another. Maybe we didn’t even know we felt a certain way until we see a meme about it, and we have that “ahh, that’s so me” moment.

Kick start the challenge, meme style

Alright, Ambassadors, this will be slightly different than the photo challenge. Don’t remember or don’t know about the photo challenge, make sure to check it out here! Unlike the photo challenge, we will not be submitting an entry daily.

Instead, you will have 72 hours—starting 12 AM PT Wednesday, July 18, 2018 until 11:59 PM PT Friday, July 20, 2018—to CREATE an original meme. That’s right, we went there. Let your meme creativity shine with your very own meme that you create.

A few notes to consider:

  • Please ensure that memes created are respectful of others.
  • Please do not make memes that belittle other countries, politics, or religions.
  • Please do not make memes that degrade other consoles or gaming platforms.
  • Please keep it PG—no crude language, inappropriate content, etc.

Don’t know how to create memes? That’s okay! Hit up your handy dandy search engine and type “meme generator”—there are plenty of sites that’ll help you make the next trending meme!

Let in the funshine

Once you’ve made your meme, make sure to post it on Instagram or Twitter and tag us and use the hashtag #XboxAmbsMemeChallenge! If your meme can make the Xbox Ambassador Team double over in laughter, then you will be one of the winners. All winners will get a shout out in a follow-up blog.

Now go forth, our brilliant meme creators! Shine your meme creativity all over the world wide web. In the meme time (lol), comment your favorite meme below.


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